Our Expertise

The National Coalition on Freedom of expression and Content Moderation coordinates its activities through members who undertake joint activities towards ensuring content moderation on major social media platforms is based on international standards on human rights and that social media platforms respect the Santa Clara Principles on Transparency and Accountability in Content Moderation.

Digital and Information Literacy

Digital and Information literacy are the cornerstone of our work. To better tackle the complexities that have come up as a result of information overload in the digital space, FECoMo provides capacity building opportunities to counter information disorder and promote fact checking as an individual responsibility and an informed digital participation by all.

Digital Policy

We exercise our convening power, employing a multi stakeholder approach to bring together national policy makers, digital platforms and tech giants, civil society organizations and the international development community, to enhance and develop national policies on content moderation and the digital economy, informed by prevailing local contexts.

Digital Rights

Digital rights are human rights. With this appreciation, FeCoMo advocates for the enhancement of the digital rights of individuals. We work to ensure that freedom of expression online is guaranteed, access to public information secured and that all enjoy their digital freedoms without undue censorship or fear of prosecution.

Our Projects

Digital Empowerment for All

"Digital Empowerment for All" is a FECoMo initiative that aims to bridge the digital divide by providing digital literacy training and access to underserved communities across Africa. Through this project, we empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the digital landscape responsibly. By addressing the digital divide, we strive to create a more inclusive and digitally literate society, ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital era.

Truth in the Digital Age

"Truth in the Digital Age" is a FECoMo project focused on combating disinformation and promoting media and information literacy (MIL) among youth and communities. We believe that informed citizens are the best defense against the spread of false information. Through this project, we develop MIL programs, host awareness campaigns, and collaborate with schools and local organizations to equip the next generation with the critical thinking skills necessary to discern fact from fiction in the digital age.

Advocating for Digital Rights

"Advocating for Digital Rights" is a FECoMo project dedicated to defending and promoting the digital rights of individuals in the online world. We work to ensure that freedom of expression, access to information, and online privacy are upheld and protected. Through advocacy campaigns, policy engagement, and legal initiatives, this project strives to create an online environment where individuals can express themselves freely, access information without censorship, and enjoy their digital rights without fear or persecution.

Our Strategy

Capacity Building Initiatives

Capacity building is at the heart of our strategy. We develop and deliver programs, workshops, and training sessions that enhance the skills and knowledge of our members, partners, and the wider community. By building capacity, we empower individuals and organizations to make a positive impact in the digital space.

Advocacy Campaigns

FeCoMo is a vocal advocate for the principles of freedom of expression and responsible content moderation. We run advocacy campaigns to raise awareness of critical issues, influence policies, and mobilize support for our mission.

Learning Experiences

Learning is a continuous journey. We offer learning experiences that include seminars, conferences, and webinars, providing opportunities for individuals and organizations to expand their knowledge, share insights, and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Policy Influencing

Our organization actively engages with policymakers and government bodies to influence policy decisions that align with our vision. FeCoMo plays a role in shaping policies that protect digital rights and promote responsible digital behavior.

Stakeholder Engagement

we strive to ensure complementarity with other relevant actors and stakeholders by fostering partnerships and collaborations


Research is an integral part of our organization's decision-making process, guiding our strategies and ensuring data-driven solutions.