Ushahidi joins FECoMo

The National Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Content Moderation (FECoMo) in Kenya is delighted to welcome Ushahidi to the Coalition.

Founded in 2008, Ushahidi, a global not-for-profit technology company headquartered in Kenya, is dedicated to answering the questions: “What’s happening on the ground? How do we reach people at scale, and how do we give them a voice?” With a vision of empowering communities to thrive through access to data and technology, Ushahidi is committed to empowering people through citizen-generated data to develop solutions that strengthen their communities. The organization provides integrated technology tools and services to rapidly gather, analyze, and mobilize communities for good. These globally scalable tools can be adapted to diverse contexts and regions, ensuring a holistic approach to information gathering.

With a track record of impactful initiatives in good governance, humanitarian relief, human rights protection and climate action, among other emerging topics, Ushahidi has consistently demonstrated the positive outcomes of citizen engagement and data-driven action. It also provides ongoing support and guidance, fostering a collaborative environment for meaningful impact.

In line with the commitment to promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in the digital space, Ushahidi brings its expertise, resources, and collaborative spirit to the Coalition. FECoMo looks forward to partnership Ushahidi to advance the Coalition’s mission and collaborate with fellow members to create a safer and more open digital environment in Kenya.

Welcome Ushahidi!

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